Friday, September 22, 2006

The Making of RomAdvice - Part 2

As originally published on ecademy, on September 18 (ecademy members may check out the original thread here).

Three fellow ecademists -- Christian De Neef, Luc Geukens, and Filip Hamerlinck -- are just starting up a new venture: RomAdvice. As you probably know, Romania is accessing the EC as a full member on January 1st, 2007, and RomAdvice is all about ensuring Romanian companies' success in the European marketplace...

We're new, we're young, and we didn't know each other until very recently. Nevertheless, we're confident, we know we have the capability, and initial reactions are very encouraging! How come? It's partly because we are seasoned consultants -- we combine 45 years of consulting & management experience! -- but it's mostly thanks to Social Networking. That's where ecademy comes in: without the power of networking, the capability to accelerate relationship-building, the opportunity to find -> connect -> meet with new people very fast & efficiently, RomAdvice would not have happened. Certainly, it would not have launched within such a short timeframe!

So, What does RomAdvice have to offer? We aim to be a Full Service Provider: from high-level strategic thinking to delivery of actual (measurable) results! We're a Pure Play Consultancy: independent (and proud to be), we will only work with the best (both in Business and IT), relying on our network (ecademy and beyond). We will be based in Bucharest, but with a strong foothold in Brussels, capital of the EC.

Back to the networking... Would you know of any Romanian business needing to gear up for success in the European marketplace, or otherwise any business wanting to establish base in Romania, please let us know! Would you have ideas as how to best organize & present our activity in support of Romanian companies gaining access to the European marketplace, or should you be aware of the cultural issues that we will face when dealing with Romanian companies, please let us know! Would you be willing to join the network, offer your services, be part of the story, please let us know! Replies in this thread or e-mails to RomAdvice.

Thank you,

Filip, Luc, Christian.

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