Monday, October 30, 2006

When Your Business Knowledge Goes East... Key Risks and Benefits of Offshoring Business Critical Applications

Under this title Christian DE NEEF presented at BPIS2006, The Business & Process Innovation Summit held October 16-19, 2006 at Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, CA.

Whilst the focus of the presentation as well as the case study were on Offshoring to India, there was quite some discussion about Outsourcing capability and culture in Eastern European countries as well, especially new entrants to the EC such as Romania. It certainly appears that Romania and other Eastern European countries are more attractive to EU companies than to North America. There's been a US and UK tradition in offshoring projects to India, which is likely to last for a number of years.

Nevertheless, interesting contacts were established, and any companies wishing to benefit from our knowledge and capability on the Romanian market are more than welcome to contact RomAdvice.

For those interested, the presentation can be downloaded here.


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