Monday, November 13, 2006

The Making of RomAdvice - Part 3

According to the books, creating a new Romanian company should take no more than 10 days. Of course, that's the theory, and then there's ... practice!

It has taken us more than 6 weeks, probably because it was our first time (!), certainly because we are foreigners (?) and not always available/present to comply with the never-ending administrative and legal requirements. Anyway, we are proud to announce that we finally obtained the certificate of registration of RomAdvice Consulting SRL on November 13, 2006!

More details on the website...


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Artemis said...

Dear Christian,

Unfortunately, even for Romanian people it takes more than 10 days to create a new company. We still have administrative, bureaucracy, poor management and communication issues to deal with. But above all this I am strongly convinced in next few years all this will be history.

I wish RomAdvice all my best.